Parent- Child Relationship


The relationship between a parent and a child is extremely strong and very hard to obtain. A child looks up to their parent or parents seeing them as a role-model or somebody who loves them to the end and would do anything for them. It takes time for the child to trust and love the parent, to create this bond, but this is bond something a parent could never be reluctant about. The parent cares for the baby since day one feeding, nursing, and making sure if the child has everything he/she needs. The child seeing all the effort and care being put into him/her later on in life will do the same thing back to their parent. This is just like my favorite quote. “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.” Many of us have also already heard the quote “Family comes first”. This is true and very important because your family are the people who will take care of you forever and they will always be there for you always loving you.

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