The Best Study Tips


Okay, starting next week is the beginning of AP testing in my school. You know what that means, stress, procrastination, and of course, cramming two weeks before the test. Luckily, this is only my first year taking the AP test, and I only have one, but nevertheless, just thinking about the AP test makes me nervous. So obviously, studying is the best way to do well on tests, but are there any other factors that we can control? What does science have to say about productivity and the best ways to stay concentrated? Continue reading

Daylight Savings….?

Why in the world do we have daylight savings? Well if you think about it, daylight saving is quite bizarre; in the spring clocks move forward in the spring, only to once again be moved back in the autumn. Originally this system was used to have more sunlight in the Summer, and by moving our clocks forward an hour, it would seem like the sun would set later letting us enjoy more of that nice summer sunshine. Once the winter comes, it is presumed that people no longer want to go outside anymore because of that cold vicious weather, which makes sense.  However, as time moves forward, daylight savings becomes less important and many problems arise internationally.

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All You Need to Know About The Effects of Sleep


Sleep is probably one of the biggest problems teenagers face today. I mean, when can you honestly say that you had a comfortable amount of sleep, with all the academics, sports, and extracurricular activities? Sadly many of us just can’t juggle all of this and have enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to a limit on our ability to learn, becomming forgetful, and even numerous health problems such as cardiovascular disease (according to sleep We go into bed late at night hoping to squeeze as much sleep as possible. Once morning comes we have that dreaded feeling of reluctantly getting out of bed.

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