(This blog post contains spoilers to the T.V. show Supernatural so if you do not want it spoiled I would recommend not to continue reading this post)

Most of you have probably been asked or heard of people seeing ghosts before and this is a highly discussed topic because nobody actually knows for sure. Ghosts could be among us for all we know or they could just be a complete myth, but for now we don’t know and maybe we will never know, but for now lets just say they do exist. Continue reading

Why Do We Get Nervous?


We all know how it feels to be nervous. Having an upcoming test? A performance, or competition, or just have trouble talking in front of people? Of course the list goes on and on about how things that make us nervous or uncomfortable. from the smallest thing to the extremes. But where do these feelings come from? Why do we even have these feelings? How can we cope with nervousness? Let’s find out.

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Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking


With all the attention, and under the spotlight, it is perfectly normal to feel nervous when speaking in front of an audience. Some may feel nervous more than others, but it should not affect your performance. No matter what you do in life, there comes a day in which you will have to present or speak in front of a crowd of people. Just the other week, we had to present our project in front of the entire class and gained some tips along the way. Here are some tips and tricks to take advantage of your fear and make it on your side.

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Step Stones to Devastation



The poor and filthy conditions that the people were left in were horrible with almost no indoor plumbing making the streets filthy with human wastes attracting bacteria and viruses that spread to everyone in the city. Also people rarely took baths to clean themselves of the filth acquired from a long days work. Many people in that time took full baths less than once a year giving the bacteria and viruses a good place to live and spread getting people sick and raising the death scale. Nobody could possibly like the way they were living and that created many problems and people started to get angry.

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It’s A Revolution….


“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” This quote from Aristotle can describe just about any revolution we’ve seen in the course of History or in anything we’ve read.  But there is more to these revolutions than this, they show that human beings are capable of taking matters into their own hands, and being able to do what is right and what is just.  Whether big or small, people know how to get things done and do what is right in the end.

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Addiction: Why Drugs are Hard to Forget


Throughout your life, there has been once in your life that you have been told by your friends, teachers, or parents, to NEVER EVER think about taking drugs. Well, you will hear it from here too. This is not going to be a post on why drugs are bad, but this is going to explain why it is hard for those who area taking drugs to forget about them. Continue reading

Brain Fuel (Divergent)


Your brain cells require two times the amount of energy compared to cells else where. This is not to say that the cells other than the brain cells are not important, this is to say that neurons, the cells that are the basis of your brain and nervous system require a great deal of energy. Because the neurons communicate with each other at a very high, they also have a high demand of energy by metabolizing their fuel. Now comes the question of what is their so called…fuel? Continue reading

Crows vs. Crops


Recently in class we learned about a new technique of improving our innovation projects. Basically our innovation project is a project where you make a difference by starting off with a “What if…”.

Once we have come up with an idea of what to do you start planning by doing some “Bad Idea Farming”. You just throw in a bunch of random ideas even if they are good or bad, and at  the end of the session you choose some ideas you think are interesting or you think will work well. Once you find the project you find interesting and fun to do you get three people to interview you about your project. The three people who will be called the crows will peck and give you constructive criticism on your idea, the crop to help you improve and make it better. This way you get more then your own thoughts on a project. Getting more then your opinion on an idea will give you a higher success rate and more people would like it because your project now has many views, from you to your three crows. I like this method of innovating because it is a great way of finding errors and improvements in your projects, but with the pros there are also cons to it. In my opinion this method could also bring negative vibes. The questioning could question the knowledge of your project and sometimes make you feel like it is a terrible project to do, but this is only if you know absolutely nothing about your project. Overall this method is the best way to find how prepared and ready your project is to proceed to the next phase.



Death. Dying is a thing that everyone fears and views as a horrible thing because people think of all the things they never got to do and the things they wanted to do, but when all your organs and brain shut off and stop working and you don’t feel anything including pain. Some people see this as a time of comfort and forever rest though.  This afterlife can finally offer that eternal bliss we all wanted.

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