Can You Disappear From Earth?


During these days, whether you like it or not, we are constantly being monitored and tracked.  Don’t believe me?  In Minneapolis, a father walked into a Target Store demanding Target to apologize.  His high school daughter had been mailed coupons to baby appliances, and was therefore suggesting for his daughter to get pregnant.  After they apologized, the father realized that his daughter was indeed pregnant.  But how did Target know this?  As it turns out, Target had been tracking the products she had recently been buying, and the algorithms pointed to the fact that she was pregnant, and so she was mailed the coupons.  Okay, that isn’t even the begging of ways to monitor and track people down.  We have mobile phones with built in GPS, debit card information, and much more.  Despite all this, around 2000 people in the US disappear completely.  How is this possible? Lets find out.

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