The Magic Behind Music


Music is a wonderful phenomenon. It has many wondrous abilities in the human mind, and has a pretty big influence in our lives. No matter the genre, we all can enjoy music in its many shapes and forms. However, music plays an even bigger role in society, and has many great properties. But what exactly makes music so great and powerful in our lives? And more importantly, can learning to play an instrument actually make us smarter?

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The Brain: Why We Can Think


Have you ever wondered what goes on in your brain when you are thinking? Well, although you can’t see it or feel it, when you learn and when your brain processes  information, a simple process occurs in the brain that allows you to not only react, but to memorize and analyze information as well. Continue reading

Anxiety and Fear


“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”  This quote from Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince during the cave scene is striking.  It talks about the nature of fear and why things are to be feared.  But lets go more in depth about this subject, as well all are familiar with this feeling.  Similarly another thing that is related to fear is anxiety, and these two feelings are actually very closely related and correspond, but why? And more importantly what causes fear and anxiety?  In the good spirit of Halloween let’s talk about these feelings of fright and jitters in all different ways.

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To be creative, to have creativity, and to create, all of these are things that each individual possesses. Creativity can be described as the need and yearning to make something have value, sparked from inspiration and made a reality. Creativity occurs in the frontal lobe, one of the four lobes in the cerebral hemisphere. It controls attention, behavior, abstract thinking, problem solving, creative thought, emotion, intellect, initiative, judgment, coordinated movements, muscle movements, smell, physical reactions, and personality. Therefore, everyone is able to be “creative”, but rather, it is the human mentality that limits how “creative” one can become. Although the frontal lobe is responsible for creativity, it has also been known that other parts of the brain can interact with different parts of the brain. So this means that not only is the frontal lobe responsible,  but rather your brain, or rather…Creativity_is_boundless_by_Pixelnase you. You are creative.