One Last Grind



So it’s my last year in high school and this week marks the last few AP tests I will be taking in my high school career.  Although there is the usual stress that comes with testing I’m more shocked at how quickly my high school life is ending.  It feels like just yesterday I took my first steps into the English halls, crammed for the first test, or be late to my 1st period.

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Death To Pennies

What was your first memory of a penny?  What ever it may be, it is likely that you have remembered pennies being around since you were born.  Well the story of the beloved currency starts in 1792 in the US in the first American mint.  At that time the pennies could actually buy things and were useful.  Well times have changed and it’s time the penny says it’s goodbye to the world, however the US still clings to the penny to this very day.  It’s time for a change, death to pennies.

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