One Last Grind



So it’s my last year in high school and this week marks the last few AP tests I will be taking in my high school career.  Although there is the usual stress that comes with testing I’m more shocked at how quickly my high school life is ending.  It feels like just yesterday I took my first steps into the English halls, crammed for the first test, or be late to my 1st period.

This post isn’t just dedicated to seniors taking their last AP test, but to everyone with something great coming to an end.  Don’t take things for granted.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually going to miss this feeling.  After APs much of my high school learning will come to an end.  I’ll never again log onto College board or I’ll never be the musky cafeteria hearing Mr. Tuttle, my proctor, again.

I know most people hate AP testing, but I’m actually going to miss some parts of it.  Hang in there seniors, you’re almost there.  Time for one last study grind!

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