Resistance and Power


Rebellion and resistance in pop culture has gone through many phases and is perceived and portrayed in many different forms.  However, resistance has also recently become problematic in not only pop culture and politics, but also in medicine.  So what exactly is the best method against resistance?

First of all, in my English class we have already started highly popular novel, 1984.  It’s seen as one of the first sci-fi books to have launched the genre, and has since then set a president for what resistance means.  The novel as a whole advocates rebellion against evil governments.

Since then there have been numerous pieces of pop culture supporting rebellion including the Obey movement, and even Star Wars.  All these trends supported rebellion showing the glamour in being different and standing up to the big evil “Big Brother”.

In medicine, resistance has taken a different meaning, however.  Over the years some bacteria has increasing become more resistance to medicine such as penicillin and other bacteria killing medicine.  As we kill weak bacteria without antibiotic resistant genes, the ones with these resistant genes thrive.  Because bacteria reproduce so often and replicate, those with already antibiotic genes from mutations quickly multiply and soon all bacteria have this gene.

It seems the more antibiotics we use, the more resistance bacteria species become overtime.  When we fight fire with fire with an arms race, bacteria step up their game as well.  Maybe the best way to stop rebellion isn’t a bigger arms race, but rather peace.  If we only controlled the amount of antibiotics we used bacteria won’t get stronger.  If Vader didn’t rule with an iron fist the rebellion wouldn’t have grown to destroy the empire.  If big brother didn’t supress the people, a rebellion would be there in the first place.


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