What is Death?

It’s to think about it, but we all know death is inevitable.  We know once we are no longer alive all our body functions stop working.  But how exactly does death work and is it ever possible to resurrect or create life?

In my English class I’ve started reading the novel Frankenstein and I’ve really started to wonder about the concept of death (not in a creepy way of course).  Although not mentioned in the book, many movies and modern media use lightning to resurrect the creature and create life.  So would that be enough to make life?

First of all when we die its no surprise our body functions stop working.  However, our cells are actually still alive and functioning for a few hours.  The heart stops pumping blood and oxygen and after some time, our cells stop working all together.  However, the bacteria in our stomach is still very much alive, and with no anti bodies to kill them, they eventually consume our bodies.

Now back to lightning.  In the 1780s Luigi Galvani nearly though he could make life out of electrical currents.  He evenly sent shocks and currents to a corpse that surprisingly started to move some limbs.  Legs shivered, hands opened and closed, and even an eyelid opened.  However this current didn’t bring life as many believed at the time.  The currents were just reacting with metal in our bodies causing the cells to move stirring movement.

So even if we can’t bring back life or create our own life, it seems the long journey for eternal life should be left closed.  Its best not to tamper with nature and thin the line between life and death.

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