We’ve always thought imagination and physical science as separate spheres.  However new research has showed that imagination directly changes the neurons and shape of our brain.  But how is this possible?  Lets look more into this.

We know that our  brains are constantly developing and therefore changing shape.  However, aging isn’t the only factor that contributes to this.  The neurons in our brains take shape and form pathways with other neurons in our brain to send signals to create muscle memory and to show brain activity in different areas.  Of course doing something, say playing the piano, makes new connections in our brain that makes us better at playing.  However new research now shows us that even imagining ourselves hitting each different key and visualizing it in our brain has similar neural activity!

Dr Giulio of the University of Wisconson-Madison believes our brains go through actual changes when we imagine things.  Short term memory and connections are possible just from thinking.  This means that imagination and science can be directly related; just the though of doing something shows similar brain activity as actually doing things.  This could possibly point to why people who actually visualize themselves doing things are better at those who don’t use visual practice and learning.

So this new and exciting data can really stress the importance of imagination.  So be proud of your imagination and creativity, it is very well connected to science.

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