Satire: A Powerful Tool

When I was a freshman I read the book Anthem by Ayn Rand.  Like many novels today it talks about a distopia, a world in the future that shows the worst possible outcomes.  Lets take a look into how this novel talks about science.

Mainly this book talks about the folly of society and government and how people don’t have rights in that universe.  However, I will be focusing more on a certain part of the book, the part with the science board.  In this book the protagonist presents to a scientific board his re-discovery of the light bulb.  In fear, the board rejected his finding fearing the invention and the protagonist altogether.

Although this story was indeed an exaggeration, I see it as criticizing the scientific community as a whole.  When those in power see someone as a threat to their own power, they try to oppress, in fear of keeping power.  It seems this book was calling out the scientific community, being cutthroat, disapproving new technology that can be seen as threatening.  This allegorical comparison depicts pretty well how satire can be a powerful tool.  When we look hard enough, we can see closely the things in life that are criticized.


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