In The Time of Crisis


Photo 2013

By now, many of us have heard about the terrorist attacks in multiple locations in Paris, France.  With all the bloodshed and bombings, there is fear throughout not only the country of Europe, but also the world.  However, many have come together all over the world to mourn, spread the news, and most importantly take action to restore peace to the world.  Now what will come in the future is yet to be seen, but we can look at one thing.  We may not think of it today, but the role of technology has actually played a big role in times of crisis.

On a first response level, of course technology can save lives.  In the past, police required a lan line to track the location those who called 911.  Now of course we can track people using the GPS build into our cell phones making it much easier emergency respondents to find victims.

Now looking at social media, cites like facebook, youtube, and twitter can help the cause more than you think.  On youtube, there’s “We Stand with Paris” section that has news and updates supporting the people of France. On facebook and twitter, of course we can use hashtags, or add a profile picture filter to show support.


Now one can say these litter filters, or tweets don’t actually change anything about the problem, but that’s not our goal.  With these cites we can’t expect to bring world peace or to catch any terrorist organizations.  However, we can offer reassurance and comfort the people of France to show our support.

More importantly just bringing attention to this cause can inspire others and the governments of different countries to take action.  No matter the circumstance though, we can always rely on the goodness of the world to show their support for those in need.

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