The Happiness in Helping Others

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.30.25 AM

There has been a point in our life when we had given our time to help someone in need; whether it may your mom, dad, friends, etc., the list is endless. Why do we choose to help others? No one is forcing us, but why is it a natural instinct from some people to give a hand to the helpless? We help others because of the feeling that comes with it. It is the warm feeling inside us that cannot be described with words. It just lights our soul and puts a smile on our faces as we say, “You’re Welcome!”

Last weekend, the city of Fountain Valley hosted an event called the “Special Olympics” at Mile Square Park.  This was such a wonderful event, dedicated to help those who are mentally ill to have a day where they are the spotlight of attention. The “Special Olympics” consisted of games and sports like bean bag throwing, knock down the cans, shooting hoops, baseball, etc.. Because of their disabilities or disorders, they may feel left out or “different” than other people, but this event reminded them that they are just like everyone else and that they are a part of this community just like us.


Volunteering as a member of the CSF (California Scholarship Federation), we were put in charge of being fans to cheer and motivate the people with disorders, congratulating them and making them feel proud of themselves as they circled around the baseball field. Holding signs like the following picture:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.32.03 AM

Being able to witness happiness was what me appreciate what we had done to help our community. Seeing people smile, and giving us high fives as we cheered them on was a really touching moment. Seeing them smile made us smile and it motivated us to step our cheering up to an even greater heights. Yells like, “You can do it!! Lets go number 24!!”, made them feel like they belonged in our community.

The fact that we weren’t force to do this, and that we weren’t forced to sacrificed our sleep and homework time for this, made the feeling feel even grander since we CHOSE to be there and make a difference. THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!




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