Why Are Sports Fans So Crazy?



With the World Cup going on in Brazil, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about not the game itself, but why are sports fans so loyal and dedicated to their favorite teams?  And if you haven’t seen just how crazy people go just after one goal, then you don’t know what I mean just yet.  But there are actually legitimate and scientific reasons why sport fans are as crazy as they are.

Ok first off lets see just how crazy fans can get.  The following video shows fans celebrating when the USA beat Ghana in the World Cup during their match.

Okay, now that you have seen the craziness in fans when it comes to soccer, why do fans act so crazy?  Is there some sort of biochemistry going on in their brains?  Well your behavior from your hormones is determined through many factors.  It depends on a certain moment and a certain time.  If your watching the game as an individual but in a large crowd, your behavior also is influenced by the crowd’s behavior.  You might act differently than what you might actually act as an individual.  In contrast, in a small group or when you are alone, you are more likely to be yourself, rather than do what the crowd does.

So crowd’s tend to have a more homogeneous behavior and feeling  when it comes to big games like this.  There are also a series of chemicals released in our brain.  It has been found the levels of testosterone increase when you watch your favorite team win a game.  Testosterone is a hormone that can increase brain power and awareness.  Dopamine (the pleasure hormone) is also released when your team wins a game or even makes a goal, and gives us the feeling of excitement when we watch sports.

Last, our ability to have empathy with other humans may contribute to why fans loves sports so much.  Because we are so adapted to reading emotions, we have a share a similar emotion as our team, when they win a game.


Ok, so remember cheer on your favorite team in the World Cup, which ever country it may be.  Sports can be a healthy obsession, just try and be active yourself this summer.  And don’t be shy when you cheer for your team, you can get crazy if you want.  😉

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