Can We Enhance Our Body With Genetics?




Technology has gone pretty far in our world, especially when it comes to medical advancements.  Because of new technology, life expectancy has dramatically increased over the past hundreds of years.  But have you even wondered if we can manually alter our genes? What if the billions and billions of letters of DNA in our bodies could be changed? In turn it would make is stronger, faster, smarter, and more powerful, like Master Chief like in the popular video game series Halo.

Today, we have already taken the first step towards this.  There is this technique called gene therapy that is used to treat diseases and mutations.  In a nutshell, it is a way to treat disorders without the need of surgery.  Doctors modify the DNA and insert the good DNA into a virus.  The virus is then sent to the body, and once it binds to the cell, the new DNA from the virus is inserted to replace the old defective one.

So with that out of the way, lets get back to the question.  Well researches have actually experimented on animals to try and enhance their genes.  Notably, mice were experimented with and actually saw an increase in memory, muscles mass, and of course endurance and speed.  However, things don’t end there.  Many other animals have had their genes altered by scientists as well.  There is the glow fish, which were given fluorescent genes to glow in the dark.   There is an instance where a E. Coli and mouse DNA was added to a pig embryo.  This resulted in the pig’s manure to be much more environmentally safe.


Okay, well we know we can enhance the genes of animals, but what about people?  Can we go to the doctors and request that we change our height, appearance, or strength?  Well things get pretty complicated when it comes to humans.  Say, if you want to get taller. Well there are hundreds of genes contributing to height, and gene therapy may not be completely accurate.  There could be a negative impact on our body if the genes are not properly inserted in the exact location.  It could completely mess up part of our genetic make up in some areas.

Personality and intelligence is the result of thousands and thousands of genes in the human body.  It would be even harder to try and manipulate those and try to increase our IQ.


So in the end, it is possible to alter our genes and DNA to make ourselves, stronger, faster, and smarter, just extremely difficult.  Also there are potential side effects and accuracy problems that could mess up our  selves.  Sadly, we can’t be like Master Chief and be super human, or  live in the world in Bio Shock and shoot lightening out our finger tips from a single injection.  At least not yet.

So instead, it is better to try and adapt to your world, and your situation, rather than try and have the world adapt to you.  You will have a better feeling of accomplishment, and is an important lesson to learn.


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