headacheYou’re walking down the street and you trip and fall. The impact causes your body to feel “pain”. But what is “pain”, and how much can you endure before you collapse from the pain?

A dolorimeter is the unit of measurement of pain threshold and pain tolerance. It can be defined as the measurement of pain sensitivity or pain intensity. Dolorimeters apply steady pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation to some area or move a joint or other body part and determine the level of heat or pressure or electrical current or amount of movement produces a sensation of pain. The word “dol”  is derived from the latin word dolor which means pain. But you have to remember pain is perceptive and not always a set amount or unit like a foot or an ounce. Someone may feel that a punch to the face is unbearable as a boxer feels less pain compared to the average Joe.

rocky4But at a certain point, there is what some doctors call severe traumatic brain injury, or a concussion. At this point its not about pain because the pain is a perception of the nerves trying to comprehend a negative effect on your body; but as you can see here when you are hit with enough force at your head, it doesn’t matter how much pain you can take. The outcome is your body having a sensory overload and completely shutting down all muscle movement, causing the KO or knockout. What happens is when struck with enough force in the head, the brain inside suspended with a fluid will rock back and forth colliding with the front and back of your head, this causes the brain “trauma” as we call it. Depending on the force that was exerted to knock you out, this may lead to chronic effects in which will alleviate following medical directions. So at the end of the day, the amount of “ouch” you can endure is really up to you, but just don’t get hit in the head because you may have to deal with anabiosis.


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