Eye of the Tiger

There are two things in the world that can define success in life: those who are hard workers, and those who depend on others to do their work for them.  In the movie, “Rocky”, we can see first hand what a true warrior is all about, and one who is determined to give it his all, for just like KOBE BRYANT( 5x NBA champion,2008 MVP, 16x NBA all-star),  Rocky Balboa had a heart of a champion and possessed a killer mentality in him.  Continue reading

Winning, Talent, and Training


As famously said by Greg Anderson, “Focus on the Journey not the destination.  Joy is found not finishing an activity, but doing it.”  This quote can be incorporated just about anywhere.  Our lives, stories, and so on and so on.  However, in my English Class, we just finished watching the movie “Rocky” and so I will talk about how the two are related.  And since we are on the topic of sports, what would get you better results, Talent or Training?  Is there some sort of gene that makes you more athletic than others.

Continue reading

The Best Study Tips


Okay, starting next week is the beginning of AP testing in my school. You know what that means, stress, procrastination, and of course, cramming two weeks before the test. Luckily, this is only my first year taking the AP test, and I only have one, but nevertheless, just thinking about the AP test makes me nervous. So obviously, studying is the best way to do well on tests, but are there any other factors that we can control? What does science have to say about productivity and the best ways to stay concentrated? Continue reading