Can You Disappear From Earth?


During these days, whether you like it or not, we are constantly being monitored and tracked.  Don’t believe me?  In Minneapolis, a father walked into a Target Store demanding Target to apologize.  His high school daughter had been mailed coupons to baby appliances, and was therefore suggesting for his daughter to get pregnant.  After they apologized, the father realized that his daughter was indeed pregnant.  But how did Target know this?  As it turns out, Target had been tracking the products she had recently been buying, and the algorithms pointed to the fact that she was pregnant, and so she was mailed the coupons.  Okay, that isn’t even the begging of ways to monitor and track people down.  We have mobile phones with built in GPS, debit card information, and much more.  Despite all this, around 2000 people in the US disappear completely.  How is this possible? Lets find out.

There are many cases where missing people are a result from unsolved dilators.  In countries that are well known for having strong earthquakes or other natural disasters, some bodies are never found.  Whether your body is lost in a large pile of rubble or washed away by the sea, this could be a way to just vanish from the world.  Now, of course you’d have to be dead for this to happen, but there still are other ways of disappearing from the world.  If your the Count of Monte Cristo, you make people believe you are dead, and come back, change your name, and hunt down your former enemies.

If you are reported missing and no one has ever made any contact with you, or had seen you within seven years, you can technically be declared “dead”.  We have 7+ billion people living on this earth, but we can only account for so many people after all.

The press and media are constantly trying to get the biggest news out to the public as fast as possible.  When a famous and well known person dies, the media has to get a story out about the person quickly.  One way of doing this is by writing all the things they will be remembered for BEFORE the death of the person.  That way, once the person does die, they can have a story before hand.

However, sometimes these stories and articles can be leaked early and discovered.  This happen to Alfred Nobel, who earned a fortune by being the creator of dynamite.  His brother Ludvig, died, by the media had mistaken this and thought he had died.  They released the article about the death of Alfred saying “The Merchant of Death is Now Dead”.  He saw these negative descriptions about him, and he created the Nobel Prize, to honor humanity and their accomplishments.


Becoming missing and disappearing from the world isn’t illegal, and isn’t breaking the law.  However, to believe that you won’t be missed by the people around you is just untrue.  No matter how bad things may seem, even if you don’t know it, people are going to miss you and are going to think of you when you go missing.  So stay strong, and where ever you are, we’re all glad you here.

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