Time Flies…..

17-1385778267_700x0Right before I entered high school, I was always told “High School goes by so quickly, so don’t waste your time, and do things while you can.”  In fact, it seems like everyone says that now a days.  However, this ins’t just some old proverb.  There is an actual mathematical explanation on why time seems to fly by so quickly the older we get.

Now there is a relatively simple explanation for this phenomenon.  Think of it this way; after your turned 1 years old, 1 year represents your entire life.  When you turn 2 years old, 1 year represents half of your life.  Finally, when you turn 17, 1 year represents 1/17th of your life.  See the pattern?  As you get older, 1 year represents less and less of your life, and eventually, time just seems to “fly by”.  This could explain why our childhood seemed to take so long to complete, and when we reach high school and beyond, things go by quickly.

Additionally, there could have been more memorable moments as a child.  Our child represents a time where we first learned many things.  For example, the first time we learned a language, the first time we went to school, the first time we had a friend, etc.  The list could go on and on, and you get the idea by now.  If you look at the graph below, you can see that what feels like the middle of your life is in your early adulthood and childhood.  This is again because one year represents more of our lives when we are younger.




Now for a bit of a change in topic, the more years that go by, the more we are faced with tragic moments.  This is a true fact about growing up, and as we get older we can start to see things around us more frequently and more often: whether good or bad.  Not too long ago, a student in my high school was hit by a car and passed away.  He was also, in my grade, and although I never met the guy, it just seemed different to know how close death was.  That could have been any one of my friends, or it even could have been me.  We hear in the news very often about shootings, and death, but we never really know the magnitude of death until it creeps up on us and takes someone near or someone who is close to us.  Again, although I never knew him, I just wasn’t really prepared to know that someone, in my actual grade, was gone.  Rest in peace Sean Severson, you have changed my perception in life.


Ok so I talked about how tragic events can come in our lives the older we get, but that also means good things can happen too.  We tend to remember things that are out of the ordinary, and new things, so try your best to do somethings new.  Go ahead, learn that thing you always wanted to but never had the time, or go ahead and kiss that girl.  You never know what the future holds, and the older you get the faster time flies.  So what are you waiting for go out and make your life memorable.

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