Don’t get Mad, Get Even

AngerWhen a cartoon character gets angry, steams comes out the ears, red creeps over the body from head to toe and there may even be an explosion or two. It’s not as entertaining to watch in real life, but the state of anger causes physical effects in us as well. The response varies from person to person, but some symptoms include teeth grinding, fists clenching, flushing, paling, prickly sensations, numbness, sweating, muscle tensions and temperature changes. In the brain, the amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with emotion is being very active. All it wants to do is to do something; the time from the trigger, event and response can be less then a quarter of a second. Blood then rushes to the frontal lobe, especially the part over the left eye, for it is the area that controls reasoning. This will keep you from hurling someone across the room. The time of this anger normally lasts only about ten seconds; that’s why people give advice about counting to ten when angry.

Although, if this is a chronically affecting the brain it may cause damage. Chronically angry people may not have the ability to turn off these effects, because of the lack of acetylcholine, the hormone which tempers the more sever effects of adrenaline. Their nervous system is constantly working and eventually become overexerted. This may lead to a weakened heart, stiffer arteries, and a potential for liver and kidney damage. In the long run, it may cause depression or anxiety. So let’s all take a deep breathe…and chuck someone across the room.

Although anger usually has a negative connotation to it, it can also be used to point out our flaws.  When you get angry about things, whether it’s about family, school, or even yourself, ask yourself the question, “What am I going to do about it?”.  This helps us see the flaws and faults in our lives, and gives us the opportunity to better ourselves.   So just try and remember, anger defiantly has negative effects, but just remain calm and let it out.  Anger is regretful, but is necessary and lets us reflect our lives a bit better.


Just remain calm. Anger can be used as a tool to better ourselves, but don’t get out of control.


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