How to Spot a Liar


We all don’t like it when we are lied to.  Even if our friends are lying to us to spare our feelings, we would rather they just be honest with us, even if the truth hurts.  We also don’t like it when those around us and those who think we trust , are deceitful and are really working for their own purposes.  It is hard to imagine living life where everyone is shady around you, and just trying to carry out their own ambitions and care for no one else.

No this isn’t drama from high school, I’m talking about the life of Edmund Dantes, a character from the popular book The Count of Monte Cristo who experiences this every day and as do many characters as they are manipulated by others and lied to.  Now I’m going to talk about some useful skills to have, regarding how to spot a liar.  Keep in mind that these are no expert ways to tell if someone is lying, just attributes liars usually give off.

  • If you ask someone to sit down next to you and they distance themselves, or put an object between you.
  • False smiles are huge!  When you see them smile, look at their eyes, not their mouth.  The eyes show all the truth, and can show emotion.  It is easier to see if it is a genuine smile or not.
  • Liars, also use language as their tool.  They usually default to formal grammar, don’ t use contractions, and use distancing words.  For example “I did not cheat on my girlfriend with that woman.”  rather than “I didn’t cheat on my girlfriend with (insert name of woman here).”
  • Liars, look at people in their eyes a little , too much in order to compensate for the myth that liars can’t look people in the eye.
  • Liars give a little too much detail in their made up stories and have trouble repeating the events they told if asked to give the story in backwards order.

Okay, so I leave you with these helpful tips.  Use them as you wish, whether to bring justice and check if people are liars, or to enhance your abilities to lie and make it even harder to detect.  The choice is yours.  If you would like to see more about how to spot a liar, I recommend watching the TED video below.



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