60 Seconds on the Clock, Push It!


You have 60 seconds on the clock! PUSH IT! You’re tired. You have been working out for a while now. You’re about to give up, but then all of a sudden you have this sudden rush of energy! YOU push and push, and you finally get to the finish line!

You have finished running, you have finished lifting, you have finished swimming. All sports or exercises will leave you tired and exhausted at the end with aches and pains in the muscle areas you worked on. Have you ever wondered why you would have that sudden rush of energy? Have you ever wondered why you ached after a long workout? For the sudden rush of energy that would have to do with your body producing the hormones Endorphins. These hormones are created by the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, love, excitement, and many other ways. Endorphins when created give your body a feeling of well being and in the case of exercising you don’t really feel the pain from your tired muscles and you keep going and working. The word Endorphine is a word consisting of two parts Endo and orphine, short forms for the words endogenous and morphine, intending to mean a morphine like substance created by the body. Now for the reason why after a long day of exercising you have aches and pains are because of the lactic acids being released in your muscles. These lactic acids are created when your exercising and your body is pumping oxygen to your body, but then your muscles start to create oxygen anaerobically. To create oxygen the process needs energy and you get your energy from glucose through a process called glycolysis. This process is when a substance called pyruvate is either broken down for other uses (if enough oxygen) or it is converted to lactate, which allows glucose to break down and produce energy. When lactate also known as lactate acid is built up it causes your body to ache causing pain and making you want to stop working out. These pains can go on past your exercising and annoy you for a couple of days after. You just have to let it go by and after a while it should go away.

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