Don’t Worry, Just Be Happy


My most recent trip to Disneyland, and it was great.

So I know I’ve already talked about Happiness in a previous post, but I still would like to touch on the topic. Why is this? Well for one thing, finals just ended and finally after 2 months since its release, I watched Disney’s “Frozen” and so I would like to talk more about the happiness. Well rather the science of it anyways.

Now our brains have this fantastic evolutionary adaption called the Prefrontal Cortex. This area of the brain lets us simulate things in our mind, for example, simulating driving a car for a driving test, or mentally giving a speech in your mind. This part of the brain is great and all, but it can have flaws. Many times we tend to believe different outcomes are much more different than they really are. We think that passing or not passing, or gaining or not gaining a romantic partner, or something in that nature, has way more impact than it really does. We think that these things could make or break us, but it is actually less big or important than we think. People may think, “Oh, if only I passed that test” or “Oh, if only I got that girl, than I would be happy,” but in fact we can recover from these things faster than we originally think.

Don’t believe me? Well there was a scientific study done that measured the happiness of two different people. One who won the lottery, and one who became paraplegic (partial paralysis of the body). As it turns out, after just one year, both individuals had the same level of happiness. A year was enough for the two to get settled with the life changes and they both had the same amount of happiness. Now I know a year may seem like a long time, but these are probably the most extreme things can get.

People also may have a yearning to be more than what they are right now. What I mean is they have the mind set of thinking they can do better with what they have, and that they are unhappy with what is going on right now. But I’ve learned that it’s not what life gives to you, it’s how you react with the situation you are given. Try not to think that life has treated us poorly, but rather we can better ourselves. We have the choice to see things as a positive or a negative, and it’s okay to feel down and recognize bad things going on in our lives, but if we keep on complaining to ourselves and to others, we aren’t going to be happy.

Just let things happen and react to situations to what you deem appropriate. Don’t worry about things too much, because even though something may not go our way, we can recover and still be happy. After all, we just want to be happy with ourselves right? Don’t worry, just be happy.

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