Stuff in your past is like a carving on a tree, a scar, it doesn’t go away and it may even get darker, but it will not get bigger.  You on the other hand, you will get bigger, you will expand and grow into different branches and be bigger and better.

Science is described at a large wasteland of utter and complete failure, but in those lost theories and false information, a new idea is formed. Our philosophy lasts only about five years on average, changing and ever evolving into something different, something better. As the universe is ever expanding and so is our knowledge, we as humans tend to believe what we know now is fact and unchanging. But in reality, it is all a misconception. The false hopes we have and theories we prove wrong are the things we learn from and improve upon. For example, Alexander Fleming was working one day and he left a petri dish out while talking to someone. The petri dish was intern contaminated and was of no use to him anymore… or so he thought . He decided to go on observing the petri disha and what he found was astonishing; on the petri dish, a mold was forming, and around the mold the bacteria were avoiding the mold at all costs. If Alexander Fleming  were to  have thrown away his petri dish, we wouldn’t have discovered penicillin, the basis of our antibiotics.  Science is a constant guess and check to find new species or discover new cures for diseases; so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they will only make you better as a person and as an individual.

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