Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine

652x450_126666-fericirea-te-face-mai-energicLaughter is something that we, as human beings, can understand. We may speak different dialects and have different culture, but we all understand laughter. Sometimes in life we could use a good laugh. But have you ever wondered what function does it serve? Well as it turns out comedy and laughter plays a pretty big role in our lives whether we know it or not. And even helps our mental health and shows social ability.  After all, humans are social creatures, and we thrive off of that.

First off, let’s talk about what exactly is comedy and laughter.  Little is known about this subject but a theory suggests our brains are always trying to figure out and understand things. Often times, when we find something that is unexpected, new, or pleasing to us we react with laughter. There are many techniques that result in comedy such as physical humor, recognizing embarrassment, and a contrast of two people or things.

We don’t just laugh at humor though.  I am, of course, talking about tickling.  How does it make any sense?   As it turns out, it is a defense mechanism in our bodies.  Our most ticklish areas are the most vulnerable of our bodes, and by instinct where we curl up and cover our selves when startled.  This also explains why we can’t tickle ourselves.  We know it is coming and we can’t defend against ourselves.

Ok, that’s great and all, but now on another note, laughter plays a key role in our lives.  Our ability to laugh is something extraordinary. Like what was mentioned before, we haven’t completely figured out the science behind laughter. Here are some things that we do know.

  • Laughter is social.  You are 30 times more likely to laugh with people around because laughing is a social sign and technique to send messages to people.  We rarely talk to ourselves and even less laugh when we are alone.
  • Laughter is not always from humor.  Laughter can also be a way to build our relationships with others.  For example, “Hey Jim, how did you do on the test?”  “HaHa, probably didn’t do so well.”  “Hey me neither HaHa”  Laughter can be used to show social acceptance, and to tie together bonds.
  • Showing laughter or displaying comedy is a way to show resilience. When something devastating or serious happens in our lives, if we make a joke or laugh about it shows strength, and recovery to what ever happened and how we responded.

With so many people in the world, it’s easy to get lost.  We all may have different cultures and histories, but we are more or less the same people.  Our laughter and our ability to show comedy shows just that.  We can send messages, understand each other, and even show strength, all from laughter.  We all could use a good laugh sometimes, so don’t be afraid to let go, and show laughter every once in a while.


“With so many people in the world, it’s easy to get lost……but we are more or less the same people.”

7 thoughts on “Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine

  1. Hooray for this blog! I keep telling people they should just laugh at my jokes vs. staring awkwardly at me for several seconds. Next time this happens I will direct them to your blog!

  2. Laughter is a way to build teams! Even though I spend less time interacting face to face with people, a majority of the games I play do require communication. Having the ability to make others laugh online works wonders on team building and can lighten the team’s mood if you are losing. Seeing your post makes me realize that incorporating humor helps improve social relations whether it be online or offline.

  3. This is very true. I try to bring laughter and joy to my friends each and every day. Whenever I’m down, they would bring the laughter to me. This post is truly one of my favorite. This is a philosophy that everyone can relate to!

    • I have to agree with Mr.Cao on this one. Everyday, I experience the same situation. I hang out with my friends and they would always bring joy and relieve the stress in my life. Keep up the awesome work, BioDome. Looking forward for more posts like this one!

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