Dating Advice: Where To Go On The First Date


Most guys have trouble determining where to take his girl on the first date, so here are some tips and tricks:

The first date is the most important because it will play a role in deciding whether there will be more dates to come, or  if the first one, is the last one. Why so?  Well, the first date is your first opportunity to give an impression to the person you like, and your goal at the end of the day, is to give her an experience in which she can remember you from. If you impress a girl on the first date, then she will take the time to get to know you better, leading to future dates. But the question still remains. How do you impress a girl on the first date? 

The number one question that should be on your mind when you are planning a date is, “Where are we going to go?”.  The location, the place where you plan to go, is vital towards making the girl want to be with you longer. The location sets the mood and the tone of the date. For example, if you went to the movies, you wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with her, since you’re in an environment that forces you to be quiet. However, if you just take a walk, or go to a restaurant, the environment gives you the opportunity to start a conversation and get to know about each other better, since the atmosphere of the place is peaceful and

Restaurants, parks, etc., are all great choices to go on a date, but I have concluded that the NUMBER ONE  place to take your date is at an amusement park. Now here’s why. At an amusement park,  there are a variety of different things you can do, from eating, walking, talking to playing games and riding rides. This is the perfect place to bond together as the atmosphere is always cheery, which alone, makes the girl feel comfortable and happy being with you. The most important thing to do at an amusement park is to definitely take her to ride a roller coaster with you. You won’t regret any minute of it. From what I learned in my class, riding a roller coaster will only help you, since not only does it involve physical contact from bumping and swerving, but most importantly the fear and the anticipation for riding a roller coaster will make her closer to you.

Dating 2

How does fear make her closer to you, you may ask? There is science behind it. When you are is scared, your brain releases different types of hormones, including dopamine, phenylethylamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and adrenaline. Phenylethylamine is the chemical that causes dopamine and norepinephrine to be released into the brain. Norepinephrine is responsible for the “fallen in love head-over-heals” affeft while dopamine is an addictive chemical released to increase motivation, and pleasure. As the body becomes more and more accustomed to this dopamine influx, it will begin to crave it, and desire it more and more. This is because the body constantly adapts to it’s environment. People become addicted to drugs by the same chemical, dopamine; which means she will literally begin to become addicted to you in a sense. Which means, if she liked you already, it will cause her to miss you more, want you to be with her, and therefore making it more difficult to forget about you, since the brain has been accustomed to the chemicals being released. As for adrenaline, when it is being released in her body, she will feel excited and pumped up about the experience with you, giving the fun factor moment, which can be memorable.

The fear and anticipation just from a roller coaster alone, will tremendously increase your progress in making her yours. Remember, this isn’t a guarantee. You, along with her, have to get along together for it all to work.

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