Step Stones to Devastation



The poor and filthy conditions that the people were left in were horrible with almost no indoor plumbing making the streets filthy with human wastes attracting bacteria and viruses that spread to everyone in the city. Also people rarely took baths to clean themselves of the filth acquired from a long days work. Many people in that time took full baths less than once a year giving the bacteria and viruses a good place to live and spread getting people sick and raising the death scale. Nobody could possibly like the way they were living and that created many problems and people started to get angry.

The average french human consumed two to three pounds of bread each day. Bread is mostly made up of polysaccaridhes which are long chains sugar, and sugar are very simple and small molecules we use for fuel and food. But keeping this in mind, sugar provides little to no nutrients needed to for infants or children to grow and develop. This means that the sugar is quickly broken down and absorbed into the human body. Normally it takes about half an hour to be broken down and absorbed. So as you can imagine, the lack of food would have been devistating towards the French people becuase of the bread’s fast digestive propertites.

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