It’s A Revolution….


“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” This quote from Aristotle can describe just about any revolution we’ve seen in the course of History or in anything we’ve read.  But there is more to these revolutions than this, they show that human beings are capable of taking matters into their own hands, and being able to do what is right and what is just.  Whether big or small, people know how to get things done and do what is right in the end.

Take in account the Scientific Revolution. Before any of that had happened there was a lack of hard Scientific methods, ideas, and thinking. People were fed with incorrect information, like the earth was the center of the universe for example. Eventually this led to a big movement, with may discoverers about astronomy, physics, mathematics, and logical thinking.  People took in account to their own hands and really saw what was out there. So in a way, the lack of knowledge could be the “poverty part”. That’s fine and all, but instead of a figurative meaning, how about something taken literally?

The French Revolution, was a truly historic period of time that took place in the later 18th century. What fueled the people of France was hunger and a hatred for the king that eventually led to Louis XVI’s beheading. As shown in the book, “A Tale of Two Cites”, people of France are starving as they try desperately to feed themselves and their family in any way possible. The royal family at that time ignored their needs, as so an uprising came shortly. This shows that everyone has a breaking point, and the more they get pushed around, the closer they get to breaking and lashing back. Once again, we see this in the “Hunger Games” trilogy with all the districts rising up against the capital from poverty, hunger, and unifying in the end.

We can see how much history repeats itself in many ways and forms.  Maybe this is the best way to interpret these events.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that  the next time something big happens, weather an outbreak of knowledge  stopping an evil government, don’t be afraid to stand up and take risk and you could be a part of something big.   More common things, like talking to someone, having a voice among leaders, or simply believing in a cause can only be carried out by action.

Overall, what I want to say is that, one of the factors that led to the French Revolution may by poverty, but there is many more to it than that. For example in the “Tale of Two Cities”, in the beginning, the poor were so desperate for food that they fought over wine that spilled on the ground. This shows there lack of income, and therefore lack of food. However, there is more to it like I said. In the end, people’s goals are to do what is best for the nation. If they don’t feel like they are being treated properly, they will fight for their rights. That is what happened in the the French Revolution. They did what was best for themselves, and most importantly, France’s future.

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