3 Pokemon in Real World Perspective

Pokemon Pic

So Pokemon X and Y came out last month, and while I was in countless battles I could help but look in the Pokedex.  As it turns out, according to the Pokedex, Pokemon can be very strange and very deadly.  Under real word perspective, that is comparing Pokemon and what they can do to things that we are familiar with, we can be pretty thankful that Pokemon don’t exist in our world.


First on this list is Wailord

Wailord is the largest Pokemon in the game, with a whopping 47 feet in length (14.5m).  This doesn’t sound too crazy, after all it is the largest Pokemon in the game.  However at 877 pounds (398 kg) it is way too light for something of it’s size.  Blue whales weigh up to 200 tons and can be twice the size of Wailord, but given the weight it makes sense.  Blue whales are the best thing to compare Wailord to, and in comparison, the Pokemon makes no sense.     Since Wailord is in the shape of the cylinder, if we assume the dimension are 47 x 20 feet, and weighing at 877 pounds, it would have a density lighter than air!  That’s right, Wailord would be able to float not just in the ocean, but also in the skies like an over sized balloon or blimp.


Up next is Parasect

This Pokemon’s giant mushroom spoor on its back actually controls the Pokemon itself!  It is basically another brain that controls the creatures sense of morality and actions.  Does this sound familiar?  The Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis are parasites that enter the ants brain and controls their actions in a similar way.  They infect ants and eventually take on full control.  This also sounds familiar with the Pokemon Paras, which have smaller mushrooms on it’s back that get bigger and bigger.  Once it gets large enough it takes full control of the host becoming Parasect, similarly like the ant.


Last up is Heracorss

Heracross’ Pokedex entry says that it can easily lift things 100 times it’s own body weight.  Weighing in at 119 pounds (54.0 kg), Heracross could potentially lift and throw four and a half Mini Coopers with ease on top of each other.  That’s pretty impressive considering Heracross is only 4ft 11 inches, the average height of a 6th grader, probably shorter than most of us.  The world record of carry weight is 1216 pounds, held by Partik Baboumian in 2013, which is only about a tenth of what Heracross can do.  I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with this Pokemon….

These are only 3 of the hundreds of Pokemon in the game, and they all have some unique ability.  It may seem cool to have a cuddly Pikachu and being able to ride a Dragonite, but just remember there are even more deadly and dark Pokemon in the game.  Just look at Hypno, it kidnaps children, or Beautifly, that sucks the fluids out of its victims that it kills. The video below talks more about deadly Pokemon that could kill you in a scientific manor and is worth a watch.


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