“A Drop of Ink May Make a Million Think”: The Significance of Words


It is truly amazing how much meaning there is in just a few words.  As said by George Gordon Byron, “A drop of ink may make a million think.”, meaning even a few words can spark the most interesting thoughts.  For example, in the Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” are only a couple of words.  Yet those couple of words have so much meaning, so much power, and therefore can cause so much thought.  It’s one of the most famous lines from the famous American Documents.  Life can explain everything we do, such as our friends, our thoughts and morals and our accomplishments.  Liberty  is the state of being free, and being able to carry out our lives.  Finally pursuit of happiness is what everyone strives for, and our ultimate goal.  This shows that just a short quote, or perhaps a title can have so much impact and significance.

There is also an old Chinese proverb saying a picture is worth a thousands words.  Yes, that means it’s much better to go somewhere and see it for yourself, but it can also be seen in another way.  Some young adult novels may have pictures in it, to show maybe a setting, but it also limits our ability to imagine things.  It tells us what the setting is, rather than having us think up ourselves and imagine what we think the setting is.  So essentially, pictures kill words and imagination in a way by limiting our thoughts.

While we are still on the topic of reading and words, it was found that 33% of high school graduates won’t read a book after graduation for any reason, whether for fun or for a class.  The problem with this is because of the growth of technology and the internet, and how more and more generations take it for granted now a days.   This is still astounding though, considering that reading and analyzing books is one of the best ways to get smarter.  It exercises the brain in many different ways that can be interesting, fun, and calming.  What better way is there to just escape our lives than by picking up a book and just be taken in by a whole new world? People don’t read because of their intelligence, but they become intelligent because they read.

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