Daylight Savings….?

Why in the world do we have daylight savings? Well if you think about it, daylight saving is quite bizarre; in the spring clocks move forward in the spring, only to once again be moved back in the autumn. Originally this system was used to have more sunlight in the Summer, and by moving our clocks forward an hour, it would seem like the sun would set later letting us enjoy more of that nice summer sunshine. Once the winter comes, it is presumed that people no longer want to go outside anymore because of that cold vicious weather, which makes sense.  However, as time moves forward, daylight savings becomes less important and many problems arise internationally.

A problem is that in 1918 when it was adopted by the United States, it made sense to go outside in the summer since there was nothing else to do. In our modern age, and the invention of the glorious air conditioning, it seems like everyone would want to stay inside during the summer. Who wants to go outside and sweat like pigs, right?  So changing our clocks to have more light is kinda unnecessary now a day. Additionally weather various among the world. For example, if you grew up in places like Hawaii, the seasons aren’t even that extreme, things stay sunny very often (which is one reason why Hawaii doesn’t use daylight savings). Another problem with this concerns sleep schedule. On the day daylight savings occurred (in the spring), we loose one whole hour of sleep. In our sleep deprived world, this will result in even worse conditions and a decrease of productivity.  Another minor problem is getting used to the sun going down so quickly at around 5 o’clock pm, and if you get out of work at that time, well you’d better be careful not to run anything over.  All in all, daylight savings becomes less important after each year that passes, which is why every year it comes up in debate whether or not we should have it……

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