Social Interactions

Capture In today’s 21st century, we are blessed with technology and the media.  We can know what is going on in the world faster than ever before. However,  there are those who argue how this time of technology can be good in our lives, or how this can be a negative. There are indeed valid arguments for both sides, so lets talk about them, as they do offer perspective in many different ways that might be useful to know. Lets see just how modern day media can effect our lives.

First thing’s first, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and those other sites make us a bit of an antisocial hermit. Yes, we may have hundreds of friends and followers on those sites, but really are we being all that social? I mean think about it, we spend hours and hours upon our computers and phones each and every week on those sites alone. Before this time of social media we might say something along the lines of, “I’m bored, lets go catch a movie with some friends.” Unfortunately, now in today’s time, it is likely to say something like, “I’m bored, let’s check my Facebook.” See the problem now?  As time moves on, more and more generations will get used to these luxuries and ways of life.  This video talks about an ongoing “Smartphone Pandemic” which only adds to the problem.  In a nutshell it portrays the idea that with more and more people having smartphones all the time, we sometimes neglect real socialization like hanging out with friends or sparking conversation.  This idea is also shown in the popular book Fahrenheit 451, where the people in the future are all practically brain dead (lacking common sense) and glued and reliant to technology.

On average, we have less friends that we can confide to, that we trust than we did decades ago. From 1965-1995, the numbers spent hanging out with friends fell from 85 minutes a day, to just 57. That was only in 1995, today we spend much more time on entertainment and on the internet. Just think of how much time you’ve spend on Instagram browsing photos, or how many cat videos exist on YouTube.  We are able to talk to as many people as we want, but we do it in a lonely way. It is much easier to have a serious conversation with someone while texting, than it is to go up and look them in the eyes. What we consider social on the internet, may be drastically different than what really matters. Instead of making new friends, the internet is often used for a way to draw attention to ourselves in the presence of other people.  That is why now more than ever, it’s important to have a couple people that we trust fully and can confide to.  With so many people out there, and the world becoming less socially active, these people may be some of the most important people in our lives.   Capture 2 “the internet is often used for a way to draw attention to ourselves in the presence of other people”

Ok that was one side of the argument, but after reading all this you may be thinking to yourself,”How could social media in today’s age possibly be good for us?” Well first of all, no one person can just remove social media from the face of the earth. We are stuck with it, and it’s best just to accept it and use it in a smart way. My English teacher, Mr. T, explained this in a very simple way. Record and document what happens in our lives, since we may just forget it one day. If we never record and document those big major events, then it’s like it never happened right? Besides in our world, no one will really know for sure what we’ve done or where we’ve been unless we take pictures, record videos, or talk about it. Those social media websites are perfect for these, as they are a window to everyone you know, and everyone around the world.

After reading all this, there are just a couple things you can learn from what I’ve said.  Yes social media and technology have made us a bit less social than from times in the past, especially the way people are using them now.  However, with the way things are, we can use social media to enhance our relationships with others.  Record what happens in your life, you never know when you’ll look back on it with a smile on your face.  And last of all, find someone you know and love, and  appreciate them, because they may be some of the most important people in our lives.

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