Crows vs. Crops


Recently in class we learned about a new technique of improving our innovation projects. Basically our innovation project is a project where you make a difference by starting off with a “What if…”.

Once we have come up with an idea of what to do you start planning by doing some “Bad Idea Farming”. You just throw in a bunch of random ideas even if they are good or bad, and at  the end of the session you choose some ideas you think are interesting or you think will work well. Once you find the project you find interesting and fun to do you get three people to interview you about your project. The three people who will be called the crows will peck and give you constructive criticism on your idea, the crop to help you improve and make it better. This way you get more then your own thoughts on a project. Getting more then your opinion on an idea will give you a higher success rate and more people would like it because your project now has many views, from you to your three crows. I like this method of innovating because it is a great way of finding errors and improvements in your projects, but with the pros there are also cons to it. In my opinion this method could also bring negative vibes. The questioning could question the knowledge of your project and sometimes make you feel like it is a terrible project to do, but this is only if you know absolutely nothing about your project. Overall this method is the best way to find how prepared and ready your project is to proceed to the next phase.

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