Brain Fuel (Divergent)


Your brain cells require two times the amount of energy compared to cells else where. This is not to say that the cells other than the brain cells are not important, this is to say that neurons, the cells that are the basis of your brain and nervous system require a great deal of energy. Because the neurons communicate with each other at a very high, they also have a high demand of energy by metabolizing their fuel. Now comes the question of what is their so called…fuel? Fuel could be described as the polysaccharides or lipids that fuel the brain. The way it is broken down into smaller parts by enzymes creating energy used by the cell. Or fuel could be described as a new idea, a psychological standpoint or new innovation.

Every Monday in our English Honors class we have time to read from books, website articles, newspaper, or blogs. In this time I read the book, Divergent. This book has made me think of what the world would actually be like if we were split into 5 factions, each a different virtue of humanity. Amity (The Peaceful), Dauntless (The Brave), Abnegation (The Self-less), Erudite (The Intelligent), and Candor (The Honest). The children being raised by their parents in one faction always learning to support the faction’s virtue, but when they must choose which faction they will go to for the rest of their lives a lot of stress is built up. Stress could make you upset and drive you into making wrong choices in life and a lot of times this happens to the children when choosing their new faction. To learn more about stress go to our blog post on stress. From reading Divergent I have learned that all five of these faction’s virtues together creates the perfect society. Which one would you choose?

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