Agnosia Disorder


Agnosia is the disorder in which one is unable to recognize their surroundings, such as people, places , or things.  For example, those who are diagnosed with agnosia will have a hard time recognizing the identity of their families, the sound of a sneeze, or their own house.  Agnosia can result from brain injury, stroke, developmental disorders, or overexposure to environmental toxins.

In my English class, as part of the exam, we had to read our teacher’s blog post, on the subject of anosognosia and an individual’s blind spot. To  summarize my teacher’s post, it basically points out that everyone is blind to something, and that when you are unaware of the unknowns,  you may think that your idea to something may be the best, but others, who are aware of your own unknowns, can point out to better ideas to any particular situation. Using my teacher’s example, he told the story of the first time he was told he was doing something wrong with his technique of teaching. Until, a former student of his blamed him for her failure on the AP test, he originally, thought that his style of teaching was benefiting the students. He was “blind” because he was unaware of his unknowns. He thought he was doing everything right, until someone else from another perspective, told him about what he didn’t know, since she was aware of his unknowns. Therefore, he was able to learn about what he didn’t and fix his teaching technique in order to make the most in his future students.

The example above was related to agnosia, because agnosia is the condition of the inability to recognize something, and in the example, my English teacher wasn’t aware of what he was doing wrong in his class.

My teacher’s post on anosognosia:

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