Death. Dying is a thing that everyone fears and views as a horrible thing because people think of all the things they never got to do and the things they wanted to do, but when all your organs and brain shut off and stop working and you don’t feel anything including pain. Some people see this as a time of comfort and forever rest though.  This afterlife can finally offer that eternal bliss we all wanted.

Everyone will die one day and on that day you will rest in peace forever not needing to worry about anything, but what would happen next. In English class we read Oedipus Rex and when Oedipus passes away everyone mourns him and his daughters not being able to speak to him in his last moments wished to die to end their misery. Many times this happens when someone close to you passes away, because of the relationship you had with that person, but you must think of what he or she would have wanted you to do. Move on. Live your life. When she hears of her fathers death Antigone wants carry on what her father would have done if he was alive. When Antigone hears of her brothers’ deaths she goes back the Thebes to bury her oldest brother even at the cost of her own life. Antigone wanting to do more good in her life takes this risk and buries her brother knowing that family comes first, like in my previous blog post “Parent- Child Relationship”.  Additionally, dying is important for the good of everyone on earth.  Without death, there would be over population, and thus a decrease of resources.  However, there are over 7 billion people in the world, an exponential growth compared to the last couple of centuries.  This results in more competition to enter big colleges, more people born into poverty, and an increase in world hunger.  Imagine if these numbers were further pushed to the limit, things would get even worse.  As you can see everyone should value their lives and have fun and live your life happily because you may not have as much time as you think you do, but when the time comes all you can do is accept death.  The best way to think about it is “the final journey” into eternal rest.  This may sound grim, but it is best to live your best while you can.


One thought on “Death

  1. When I see this blog post, this helps me think positively. Though you guys try to make it more bright and positive, the subject itself causes this blog post to have this negative aura. I, however, perceive things like these in a very peculiar way. I always take the negative aspects and see its counterpart, its opposite. Seeing how you connect death with life (as well as Oedipus) shows how death is necessary. In the end, the last sentence “try to live your best while you can”, it is a very negative sentence to end the blog post and I much rather see a nicer, more sympathetic tone as a conclusive sentence

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