pg44-boredom-gettyBoring…boring a hole is boring and that may be a reason of why we call this repetitive, slow, and seemingly endless task boring; because boring IS repetitive, slow, and seemingly endless. But why do we get bored? Well, according to Arthur Schopenhauer, he said that if life was nothing but excitement and stimulation, then there would be no boredom and mere existence would satisfy us. But that can’t be true because boredom does exist. So why does boredom exist, it’s clearly not because we don’t have excitement in our life, so why then must boredom exist? Boredom is the very drive that is our source of creativity, well-being and our very sense of self. In other words, it’s the brain’s way in helping us motivate ourselves to do other things maybe wasting our time. But for those who feel bored frequently, it may be because those individual’s have fewer dopamine receptors in the brain. This causes the person to require more stimulants to have the same “satisfaction” compared to a person with more dopamine receptors. So we have learned that boredom is not only a mental state, but a physical property as well, causing the familiar feeling of discomfort and repetitive slow moving actions.  In the end as you watch the clock go tick-tock-tick-tock, you should keep in mind that boredom is only natural, and it will get you somewhere you would have never of thought of without it.

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