Happiness: It’s All About Attitude


The other day in my English class, we had an essay topic related to happiness. More specifically, it was asking us to write our thoughts on whether being happy with what we have good, or does it unmotivated us to strive for something better.  For the limited 25 minutes we had to write about it certainly made my essay rushed, but this really got me thinking. What exactly is happiness? And does being happy with what we have a bad thing? Lets find out.

First off, lets talk about happiness. It’s pretty hard to measure happiness since it is subjective, but there is a direct correlation between being happy and productivity. Those who are content also are more charitable, more satisfied with their marriages, and have a stronger immune system. What’s also great about happiness is that you can increase the amount you have no matter where you fall in the emotional spectrum. From those who are satisfied with their lives, to those who are going through hard times, there is always hope to be better. Happiness is not like a set point, that can’t be altered. You have the power to be happier, just by making a conscious effort. Now on the topic; does being happy with what you have unmotivate you to try and be better? Well there is some truth to this, it’s important to try new things and get out of our comfort zone. This is the only way we can learn to adapt to the situation and grow as a person. If we are afraid to try new things or become unmotivated, we are essentially having no movement in our lives.  Yes, it is difficult at first with all the big challenges life throws at you, but getting over those hurtles and that feeling of accomplishment in the end is always priceless. However, it is of course important not to worry too much and just be happy. Many of us need to slow down in our lives and have appreciation for what we have. In our world of razzle dazzle, it’s hard to keep in sight what is important and not to take life for granted.

So to conclude, although happiness can vary from person to person, and it definitely has positive effects.  In a way, being content with what you have is positive if interpreted the right way.   As long as we have the effort and the motivation, we can achieve happiness and become better people. Actions speak louder than words after all, and executing our plans make us successful. However, we must also be content with what we have, just don’t get too comfortable where you are for too long .  And remember….. if-want-to-be-happybe-happiness-quote1


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