How do friendships and being socially active enrich your life?


Have you ever wondered or felt what it was like to be accepted and to fit in with people you find interesting and fun?  I don’t know about everyone, but when I get this feeling I feel like I belong there and I fit in well not making me worry or stress out about anything, but instead see all the good things and possibilities in life. But wait! There are more positive things about having friendships and being socially active then not having to worry and being stress free.

Having friends and being able to communicate could help you from homework to expressing the troubles and sadness in your life. Sharing these things with your friends can life a heavy weight from your heart, plus your friend could help you cope with whatever happened. Having friends from 1-100, friends can change your life from how you want to look to how you act. There are both positive and negative things from having friends, but no matter what you experience them and you learn about what to do and what not to do. With friends you can spend time and have good times and memories that you might never forget. Friends will always encourage you and respect your opinion. They could even help you come out from your shyness and shine. As you can see it is always a great idea to expand your horizons and make friends. Here is a clip from one of my favorite movies back then that shows friends working together, having fun, and giving each other strength to shine bright.

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