Brain Fuel (Divergent)


Your brain cells require two times the amount of energy compared to cells else where. This is not to say that the cells other than the brain cells are not important, this is to say that neurons, the cells that are the basis of your brain and nervous system require a great deal of energy. Because the neurons communicate with each other at a very high, they also have a high demand of energy by metabolizing their fuel. Now comes the question of what is their so called…fuel? Continue reading

Agnosia Disorder


Agnosia is the disorder in which one is unable to recognize their surroundings, such as people, places , or things.  For example, those who are diagnosed with agnosia will have a hard time recognizing the identity of their families, the sound of a sneeze, or their own house.  Agnosia can result from brain injury, stroke, developmental disorders, or overexposure to environmental toxins. Continue reading

Crows vs. Crops


Recently in class we learned about a new technique of improving our innovation projects. Basically our innovation project is a project where you make a difference by starting off with a “What if…”.

Once we have come up with an idea of what to do you start planning by doing some “Bad Idea Farming”. You just throw in a bunch of random ideas even if they are good or bad, and at  the end of the session you choose some ideas you think are interesting or you think will work well. Once you find the project you find interesting and fun to do you get three people to interview you about your project. The three people who will be called the crows will peck and give you constructive criticism on your idea, the crop to help you improve and make it better. This way you get more then your own thoughts on a project. Getting more then your opinion on an idea will give you a higher success rate and more people would like it because your project now has many views, from you to your three crows. I like this method of innovating because it is a great way of finding errors and improvements in your projects, but with the pros there are also cons to it. In my opinion this method could also bring negative vibes. The questioning could question the knowledge of your project and sometimes make you feel like it is a terrible project to do, but this is only if you know absolutely nothing about your project. Overall this method is the best way to find how prepared and ready your project is to proceed to the next phase.

What is Stress? How Do You Deal With It?


Stress is anything that presents a challenge or causes a threat to our overall well-being. However, stress occurs in everybody’s everyday life, whether it can be as small as annoying noises or more significant ones like trying to pay your bills and studying for exams. These are examples of stressors, which are anything that stimulates stress. Stress can be both good and bad.

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Death. Dying is a thing that everyone fears and views as a horrible thing because people think of all the things they never got to do and the things they wanted to do, but when all your organs and brain shut off and stop working and you don’t feel anything including pain. Some people see this as a time of comfort and forever rest though.  This afterlife can finally offer that eternal bliss we all wanted.

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Anxiety and Fear


“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”  This quote from Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince during the cave scene is striking.  It talks about the nature of fear and why things are to be feared.  But lets go more in depth about this subject, as well all are familiar with this feeling.  Similarly another thing that is related to fear is anxiety, and these two feelings are actually very closely related and correspond, but why? And more importantly what causes fear and anxiety?  In the good spirit of Halloween let’s talk about these feelings of fright and jitters in all different ways.

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Happiness: It’s All About Attitude


The other day in my English class, we had an essay topic related to happiness. More specifically, it was asking us to write our thoughts on whether being happy with what we have good, or does it unmotivated us to strive for something better.  For the limited 25 minutes we had to write about it certainly made my essay rushed, but this really got me thinking. What exactly is happiness? And does being happy with what we have a bad thing? Lets find out.

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Parent- Child Relationship


The relationship between a parent and a child is extremely strong and very hard to obtain. A child looks up to their parent or parents seeing them as a role-model or somebody who loves them to the end and would do anything for them. It takes time for the child to trust and love the parent, to create this bond, but this is bond something a parent could never be reluctant about. The parent cares for the baby since day one feeding, nursing, and making sure if the child has everything he/she needs. The child seeing all the effort and care being put into him/her later on in life will do the same thing back to their parent. This is just like my favorite quote. “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.” Many of us have also already heard the quote “Family comes first”. This is true and very important because your family are the people who will take care of you forever and they will always be there for you always loving you.

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Do not take your eyes for granted because if you lose your ability to see, it  will dramatically change the way you live the rest of your life. With the gift of vision,  we are able to accomplish anything that we want to do in our daily lives, through communication and interaction with our community, which we are able to do because of our sight.  In other words, our vision is like the foundation of life, since our success in life relies on our vision. I’m not trying to say that if you are blind, then you can’t be successful, but those who can see will have a significantly higher success rate because the ability to see is a huge advantage, since it will make communication and learning easier, resulting in a better life socially and academically. Those who are blind are still about to accomplish the same goals and even more than those who are not, but they have to face the fact that they have may be limited in what they can do.

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