One Last Grind



So it’s my last year in high school and this week marks the last few AP tests I will be taking in my high school career.  Although there is the usual stress that comes with testing I’m more shocked at how quickly my high school life is ending.  It feels like just yesterday I took my first steps into the English halls, crammed for the first test, or be late to my 1st period.

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Resistance and Power


Rebellion and resistance in pop culture has gone through many phases and is perceived and portrayed in many different forms.  However, resistance has also recently become problematic in not only pop culture and politics, but also in medicine.  So what exactly is the best method against resistance?

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Wired Magazine

Two years ago I was assigned by my English teacher to start a blog about any topic I wanted.  And yet out of all the topics I chose I picked to write about science and technology because I think those two topics are the getting more and more relevant as we advance as a society.  Out of all the science blogs out there by far my favorite is wired magazine.

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In The Time of Crisis


Photo 2013

By now, many of us have heard about the terrorist attacks in multiple locations in Paris, France.  With all the bloodshed and bombings, there is fear throughout not only the country of Europe, but also the world.  However, many have come together all over the world to mourn, spread the news, and most importantly take action to restore peace to the world.  Now what will come in the future is yet to be seen, but we can look at one thing.  We may not think of it today, but the role of technology has actually played a big role in times of crisis.

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Competitive Drive

Photo 2015 Goulding

Competition always bubbles up at one point in our lives.  Whether we are auditioning for a spot in a symphony orchestra, or racing our friend to see who can hold their breather longer, competition seems to drive us.  Competition can push us over the edge and help us achieve more than we could ever imagine.  But how big a role does competition play in our daily lives, and especially in the world of science?

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